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tv   Headline News  RT  November 2, 2013 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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ranch the blood. journalism or terrorism the partner of a newspaper reporter who revealed intelligence leaks as accused of espionage and breaching britain's national security. america's huge soon to be open new spy complex is the target for outrage in the forty's failing to keep the public away from what was supposed to be a secret facility. they put it inside of the middle of an army base so you can protest an army to protest. activists besiege the already notorious data center in utah which will host super computers able to store the millions of phone calls emails and internet searches that have been harvested. and peace in ruins pakistan summons the american ambassador saying washington talks
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with islamicist militants softer a u.s. drone killed the leader of the taliban in the country. live from our studios and here in moscow where it's just turned midnight this is. british authorities say the partner of a newspaper reporter who's been publishing edward snowden's leaks was involved in espionage and terrorism and his nation was made in a scotland yard document which is being used as evidence in a london court hearing. closely following the case. now the document was put together it was read pardew's the legal action that david miranda has though and again the british government that's calling for the documents that were taken from him to be returned and questioning indeed the legality of his detention if you cast
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your mind back to the end of august he was detained when he arrived and by the end . question for nine hours and had those documents seized from him sheet that was read in court saying that the intelligence indicated that miranda was likely to be involved in espionage activity and that had the potential to act against u.k. security interests big long green was that was going to be responding saying that they absolutely explicitly now equating terrorism and journalism and of course that is going to be causing huge concern this is part of going to bait here in the u.k. surrounding press freedom at the moment and causing a huge amount of concern just earlier this week we reported on the prime minister david cameron seeming to issue a threats towards newspapers saying that if they didn't show some restraint in publishing information that action would be taken although he said he didn't want to get. the detention in the first place of david miranda
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a journalist carrying that information much of which that's being published already having being shown to be in the public's interest unveiling this information about mass surveillance but consistently seeing the government try to steer the topic and the debate away from this matter the veil admission and on the issue of national security it hearing for dave in the round his legal challenge is should do for next week and jim cookie's executive director of the open write screenplays speak to me little earlier he thinks any suggestion that he's been involved in it to report is just absurd actually saying that this bloke is a terrorist and that's why they're able to arrest him on the terrorist laws and i think most distasteful absolutely insane is equating the journalistic practice of taking leaks documents and looking at them and potentially telling the public about certain things in it with terrorism you can't do that. there was no reason given
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for the investigation launched against me around after his detention in august u.k. authorities said only that they're reviewing the items he was carrying which include fifty eight thousand documents from u.s. and u.k. intelligence james critics as they're breaking their promise not to take advantage of laws to combat terrorism. the governments of the day have always said no no they won't possibly abuse of course they will only ever be used against terrorists and here we see somebody with leaks material who's been very responsible these part of the guardian to be extremely responsible in the handling of this material nobody has been able to say here danger to national security genuinely people are have their lives at risk nobody's been able to show that and said what we've got is police abusing their powers in order to intimidate these people or germany and brazil want the u.n. to do something about excessive electronic surveillance and illegal personal data
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collection and goodbye revelations over the n.s.a.'s activities they've submitted a draft resolution to the general assembly and this comes as the u.s. plans to open a huge data warehouse to store the millions upon millions of e-mails and phone calls it's connected all these were important i met some americans fighting to stop it. known for its desert wind. and picturesque mountains utah has long been home to the nation's largest population of mormons today it's also home to america's soon to be biggest spy complex they put it inside of the middle of an army base so you care about be protesting the army to protest the n.s.a. . damn garfield learned his lesson on independence day when police prohibited more than a hundred restore the fourth activists from protesting in front of the n.s.a.'s one point five billion dollar data center. shortly thereafter the group thought of
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a way to claim a two mile long stake right next to the n.s.a. they keep on trying to kick us out for being here why don't we just adopt a highway we think of and we can clean up in the coming weeks a big sign will be placed right here that says restore the fourth you tom and for each day that employees report to work at the data center they will pass by this sign reminded of the public distrust of the n.s.a. and its ever expanding surveillance programs r t four members will be required to clean the highway at least three times a year but many activists like lorraine a potter plan on being outside the data center much more often armed with an anti n.s.a. picket sign they believe that it is their place to take in harvest all of our information the fourth amendment to the us constitution guarantees the right to be secure from unreasonable search and seizure. r t four was born into
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a nationwide grassroots movement after whistleblower edward snowden revealed how the n.s.a. spies on its own citizens as well as foreigners world leaders and even the vatican we're never going to be able to reverse this if we don't speak up if we don't say something if we don't get people aware of what's being. done so what's being done inside the you type data center according to reports the surveillance complex will be filled with servers routers and computer intelligence experts working to intercept capture and analyze vast quantities of the world's communication. there are other buildings back there the secrets inside the data center are heavily protected by thin says the national guard and countless warning signs that overlooks the whole. overwatch of the populace it makes you paranoid. r t you.
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the n.s.a. revelations have been piling up and many believe more leaks are to come so what impact will they have and that's what we're asking on our website sixty percent so far believe that politicians will talk more about privacy but actually do nothing about it almost a quarter of predicting a rise in public discontent more protests a little more than ten percent believe there be no effect at all because everybody's all ready used to the leaks a minority we can see there just four percent are hoping for steps to ensure privacy and surveillance you have to r.t. dot com to cast your vote because hear from me october was iraq's bloodiest month for five years the nation is struggling to curb the levels of sectarian violence and iraq's prime minister has been forced to ask washington to help him fight terror or he's going to come has more. we know that the iraqi leadership has made a request for u.s. assistance in the fight against terror we don't know the details of that request
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their leaders wouldn't elaborate on that the iraqi prime minister called al qaeda a scourge for iraq in the middle east the iraqi prime minister has arrived in washington in the month that turned out to be deadly deadly as the in the last five years for those who are following the news it's becoming such a repetitive phrase the deadliest on leaving iraq for this many years said we hear it all the time the fact is that following the u.s. invasion in two thousand and three terrorism has rocketed in iraq the sectarian war that broke out as a result of the invasion has created a great environment for terrorists the iraqi prime minister says it's getting worse because he says as a result of the so-called arab revolutions there is a power vacuum in the region which extremist forces take advantage of it specifically spoke about syria and the situation there of course even though iraq's nouri al maliki knows what the u.s. invasion has led to in this country he can't be too critical of washington because after all in a way it's thanks to the u.s. that he's now in power so let's take
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a closer look at the numbers now according to iraq's interior defense and health ministries the number of deaths in october reached nine hundred sixty four ninety percent of which were civilians the government says this is the highest death toll in a single month since april two thousand and eight but then more than a thousand people were killed however the numbers don't correspond with united nations data which suggests july this year was equally as burned well you know who is a kurdish iraq you know the list and former prisoner of saddam hussein's regime says the ongoing bloodshed is forcing people to live in fear. they live from morning until night every single hour of the day people are feeling unsafe to do anything whoever goes they don't know i mean doesn't know whether they come back safely or not. distrust of the regime.
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terrorists mostly targeting innocent people or other. other forces. if isn't going to also told us there's no agreement within the iraqi government and that is leading to more violence against civilians. but. the government is quite busy squabbling among the alliance it's formed off alliance of some political parties most of them got militias and they are very busy fighting each other so this intense fighting is causing a lot of the. horrendous violence against the civilians. another country struggling with a wave of violence could have lost the chance for peace talks islam about its plans to start negotiations with the taliban. after a u.s. drone strike killed the militants leader details coming up later in the program or
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not but given the stories. do you think your argument about turkey being prevented examples of muslim democracy that was able to separate the it's religion from its economy still can be applied to these day that's a fair point when i spoke about in the book was how he had done some being a complete basket. with hyper. very volatile. so it she's so much economic success and i think that was greed but the problem there is. his attitude has changed he now has become much. less tolerant of any criticism and.
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this is why you should. only. use continues here in pakistan's foreign ministry is someone the american ambassador a day after the leader of the pakistani taliban was killed by a u.s. drone strike is a number that is accused washington of sabotaging attempts to bring an end to violence through peace talks with the taliban now the group has a vengeful leader and it's been several times before that it has been killed only for him to turn up still alive he had expressed a willingness to hold serious talks with the pakistani government and said he was
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waiting to be approached they said apparent death comes just as the pakistani government sent a delegation to peace negotiations so. he's a journalist and also pakistani air force officer he says it's the people of pakistan who suffer the consequences. the prime minister of pakistan was involved in d.c. only a week back and he had spoken to president obama taken him into confidence regarding the dialogue process and it also made a request for the drone attacks to stop because without reka taliban pakistan had made it a precondition the drone attacks must come to an end before they come to the dialogue be able but instead of the drone attacks being stopped they continued saw anybody who is going to suffer it is going to be the people of pakistan and not the us the united states does not have the right to be judge jury and executor all rolled into one without any authority. now we have some disturbing footage here on dot com.
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these pictures allegedly show california prison guards using pepper spray against a naked screaming mentally ill inmates forcing him to take medication you can head online for the full video and story on that plus. gathering intelligence and launching strikes and up to six times the speed of sound a u.s. company unveils plans to create a new supersonic drone for the project right now if you don't come. and how about this a triple halo illuminates the skies over china the sun shares the heavens with smaller phantoms you can find out what causes this rare and beautiful phenomenon all you tube channel. right. and i think you're.
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going to. be in the. ukraine is prepared to sign a partnership deal with the european union at the end of this month it would guarantee the former soviet republic free trade access that is the country's car industry ready for the change. investigates. entering the association agreement with the e.u. is being sold to the public as a step forward and while indeed the country's farmers might enjoy better export deals with a projected four hundred million euros annual profit the machinery bosses are not so happy the country's factories might simply not be able to afford modernizing standards that would cost almost
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a staggering one hundred thirty billion euros and that would repeat the fate of the industrial giants who have already been caught in that trap hungary's bus factory it was the leader in public bus production throughout nineteen seventies europe producing more than fourteen thousand buses a year in two thousand and seven is shut down having failed to compete on the european market it's now reopened only to export small shipments of buses to latin american countries and repair all their models in the one nine hundred seventy s. poland's lightweight delivery buses were exported to over one hundred countries all over the world but in two thousand newsome orders and f. a c. factories both vanished from the face of the earth after being purchased by dell and g.m. respectively lot to be as rough buses were well known in the year in the soviet union those were probably the most widespread public transport vehicles on the country's roads but in the one nine hundred ninety s. the company failed to meet standards and lost the eastern market as well riga was so keen on your integration that it blocked roughs last ditch attempt to save
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itself through a merger with a russian gas company in one thousand nine hundred the car factory was officially declared bankrupt there are more examples of such failures in central and eastern europe all united by one issue failure to survive in the european market as things stand it's hard to imagine which industrial enterprises in ukraine would be able to avoid the same fate more news in brief now here in r.t. starting with the shooting at los angeles international airport. i saw him coming out and by about ten feet away from me. he just grabbed the right ball like he knew how to. do you don't believe it's really it's like seeing something on t.v. police say the gunman who opened fire on friday sent a suicide text message to his father prior to the incident soon after twenty three year old paul sincere stormed into a crowded terminal killed a security agent and wounded several other people it was over the incident set off panic and a stampede. six business airport were evacuated and over seven hundred domestic
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flights disrupted and get only updates on the story right now on our website dot com. well sort of what update this a scrap metal yard plays an east london delayed the beginning of strike action for more than one hundred firefighters their plans to walk out were put on hold while they attended the site containing hazardous gas and as far as across the u.k. decided on industrial action over salaries and changes to their pensions. and two french radio journalists have been found dead in the northern mali town a kid they were reportedly seized in broad daylight by four men and forced into a truck that drove away into the desert cities are part of ethnic tensions between warring separatists and locals induction occurred shortly after the reporters interviewed a separatist spokesman and despite the presence of around four hundred french and un peacekeepers in the city. the british banking system is going down the drain
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well according to max keiser. it's all in a day's work for this woman she opens up a manhole cover and scoops out as much smoke or she can delight it by what she finds as you see she was pulling the gutter oil straight out of the sewer and then processing and giant vats of toxins and chemicals in order to create the gutter oil there's an analogy here between converting the sewer garbage that slop into reprocess to bits available as a combustible or yes on the street with the slop in the financial system so they take credit they take collateral that's bad abused and has been sold down and resold hundreds of times and they put it on the balance sheet of the bank of england and the bank of england exchanges fresh slop in the form of the guilt which is then the collateral upon which the housing bubble in london is based and if you
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were to examine the balance sheet of the bank of england you would find the process pork slop and gutter slop and oil and all kinds of dog bar bit on the. you know fill in whatever it is you. that you know the premise is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy but. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our crack staff and we've been hijacked by handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers . are and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the
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world we go beyond identifying the problem. rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing. ready to join the movement then walk a bit they. couldn't take three. three. three. three. three. three blog video for your media project a free media. tom. the husband of jailed a pussy riot member. says he hasn't had contact with his wife and days russia's
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prison service says she is being sent to a new penal colony officials say have family will be informed about her new location within ten days of our arrival she's seventy two years after being part of a controversial protest performance in moscow's christ the savior cathedral she went on a hunger strike to protest against the detention conditions in september and in october the prison service said she would be moved. francis issued a ribisi alert after a kitten died of a disease which is potentially deadly to humans there is no known treatment to cure the infection if it has taken hold european health officials are working hard to prevent further outbreaks but in the u.k. the government has recently relaxed controls. explains. nowadays. his dog can travel to the u.k. imagine frightened of every friendly animal you meet. imagine rabies in britain
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back when this public information video was made westminster's fear of rabies was so high that any animal coming into the country had to enjoy six months in quarantine first rabies is a killer we must keep rabies out but the rules were relaxed last year when britain was forced to join the european union's pet travel scheme. it's really like the razor says these dogs have come a lot from brazil them by the way vietnam in thailand they all need to be quarantined upon entry to the u.k. but pets coming in from europe and some other countries are exempt all they need is a pet possible and a microchip. since the scheme started there has been seven hundred fifty one cases of rabies in animals in romania and three hundred ninety five in poland the latest case of the disease was in holland there was no longer the requirement for a blood test and a six month wait which means that joe could be vaccination be within the u.k.
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three weeks which bears no resemblance to the integration theory easy's those who work with animals say that angry at the government's failure to challenge the e.u. directive and safeguard the u.k. and saudi. and everything europe that seems to say we seem to have to wind up protecting ourselves who sits beside the flock sites and ends with put themselves at risk this picture is owners take her in and out of the u.k. on a regular basis this is what hurry you pet possible looks like but campaign to say that mess so easy to forge the number of dogs being smuggled into the u.k. illegally has increased by food hundred percent since the rules were relaxed. that dog can be brought into the country going to a mix in a park with other dogs if that was a carrier they expose policy known to authorized those then you've got it out right traffic. it cools absolute devastation the department for environment food in blue
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are left as says the risk of a dog with babies entering the u.k. is still extremely low animal charities disagree several have already said that that's stocking up on rabies vaccine in order to protect the. news for your health enough now in the meantime coming up after the break here on r t find out what happens when a filmmaker takes on a giant food corporation for british viewers becomes a new program going underground. a spanish language teacher in texas has been fired for posing nude in playboy before she became a teacher parents and found out about this demand that she be fired because her
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past was inappropriate and that it was a distraction in the classroom well this was something she did in the past which was legal so there's that i mean if you pose for playboy you are forbidden to work in the normal world also as a former teenage boy i can tell you that any young attractive teacher will cause a distraction with the boys and wolf you can fire people for being distracting that when they have to fire every teacher with a handicap or abnormal appearance on the other hand though teachers are supposed to be people for children to respect and to look up to and when you're spares teachers windows so of the good stuff for money to playboy it is a lot harder respect that sort of person and it sure isn't a good example for my daughter this is actually a very complex issue but i could say is that you should really try to fight the temptation to make quick money with some nude photos that could come back to haunt you but that. just my opinion.
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enough to. eat. the food. we have a media that is corrupted by our mostly by corporate power. to go there for your film was just the. big investment there in the twenty. dollars a company with. their hiring. i think you being a little bit naive if you think that you can take the. bait. and expect to move
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away with some sort of funny to me. is beyond belief to think back could be done to a participant in a film festival. i think the goal sixteen games long down about the credibility of the. as a swedish filmmaker and journalist i always took the right of freedom of speech for granted. but i think came to learn it depends on the story you want to tell. in two thousand and nine i had made a film about a court case in los angeles where banana workers from nicaragua were suing gold food company for the use of a banned pesticide that they claimed made them sterile along with us.


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